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Woody's Bar-B-Q has several locations throughout the Eastern portion of the United States. Find a Woody's near you and start enjoying Bar-B-Q!

Woody's Bar-B-Q Store

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Bar-B-Q Franchise Training

Prior to the opening of your store, you will be required to attend and successfully complete Woody's Bar-B-Q intensive 6-week franchise training program. This program is designed to educate each new franchisee in all aspects of restaurant operations and provide them with the tools to achieve success. Whether our franchise owners have previous training in restaurants, business or both, you will receive exclusive hands on training specific to understanding and fully utilizing our culture, business systems and curriculum.

Some of the topics to be covered are:

  • Customer Service
  • Preparation of Woody's Bar-B-Q Menu Items
  • Quality & Food Portion Control
  • Beverage & Inventory Mangement
  • Cost Control
  • Employee Hiring & Scheduling
  • Store Safety Guidelines
  • Management Tools & Systems
  • Turnover Reduction
  • Budgeting & Forecasting

Other Training Support:
Store Opening training will be provided by our Corporate Training Team for 6 days prior to the opening date of your store and until 4 days after. This training will include a more "hands on" approach to managing and successfully running a Woody's Bar-B-Q restaurant. During this period we will work closely with you and you staff to insure a smooth opening and transition to making your Woody's Bar-B-Q a successful operation.

Woody's Bar-B-Q provides on-going operational support, even after your store is open, through our field service representatives. These veteran operations professionals provide advice and counsel in all areas of your Woody's Bar-B-Q restaurant. So, help or advice is only a phone call away.

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