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February 1, 2010


WOODY’S Bar-B-Q™ Cares about Its Community of Patrons
High quality, moderate priced Bar-B-Q in a ‘Rustic’ Setting

Jacksonville, Fl (February 1, 2010) For 30 years, Woody Mills and Yolanda Mills-Mawman have been pioneers in the Bar-B-Q phenomenon that had its humble beginnings in Jacksonville, Florida. Now sprouting an expanding chain throughout Florida into Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and N. Carolina, connoisseurs recognize Woody’s Bar-B-Q™ for its old-fashioned hickory smoked technique and melt-in-your-mouth meat.
The rising cost of ingredients impacts every restaurant today, but Woody and Yolanda are not passing these costs along to their patrons at their original location on University in Jacksonville. Yolanda states that “We decided to provide our customers with a Woody’s stimulus this year by not having a price increase on our menus”. And Woody concurs: “Based on the economy, we’re trying to do our part by not passing on costs to our customers”.

Whether you’re sitting down to a rack of Signature Baby Back Ribs, or settin’ in to tackle a slab of the special-recipe spare ribs, Woody’s couldn’t be further from the big-chain restaurants.  Every Woody’s is special with its own hometown atmosphere and each location (40+) serves up only the best. Using the finest cuts of pork and beef – and the freshest vegetables, everything that is served is a Woody’s original, from the secret-recipe Bar-B-Q sauces and freshly-prepared side dishes right down to the famous, moist and tender, slow-smoked Bar-B-Q dinners.
In 1980, when partners Woody and Yolanda set out to create a Bar-B-Q restaurant, the coleslaw was so fresh you’d think it was mixed tableside. With their passion for Bar-B-Q and a dog-eared collection of homemade recipes, they created a dining experience in the tradition of the south’s great hometown Bar-B-Q shacks.  It’s the kind of Bar-B-Q families can call, well – their own!
Woody knows his Baby Backs. Since the beginning, he has been using a special recipe and unique process to make the best baby backs around. Coming from the tenderloin area where the meat is most succulent, Woody’s imports its baby backs from Denmark, known for the very finest cuts of top loin ribs. And what creates true perfection is the preparation. Woody’s special process starts with smoking the ribs, then slow cooking in a ‘secret’ Baby Back Sauce that makes them even more tender and delicious.  A final glazing on the grill seals in the flavor.
From Smokin’ Spare Ribs and an ultimate Sloppy Woody’s Bar-B-Q sandwich to hot wings, cole slaw, family-recipe bread pudding and their rich, creamy banana pudding, the best way to enjoy Woody’s is by visiting yourself and piling up a hot plate of great Southern Bar-B-Q!


With 30+ locations in Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina, Woody’s Bar-B-Q® has become a legendary family-owned Southern dining treasure recognized for its smokin’ family-friendly restaurant, full-service catered events, traditional slow-smoked meats and secret recipe Bar-B-Q sauces. One of the fastest growing restaurant franchises in the nation, Woody and Yolanda have always given generously to support community projects and fundraisers throughout the chain’s network.

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